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Annelies De Meyere
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What I Do

Coaching & Mentoring

I help middle and senior management with agile and digital transitions.

I bring hands-on techniques and apply them in your organisation. Together we create a culture of continuous improvement throughout the different levels of your organisation.

Facilitation & Workshops

In a world where distributed working has rapidly become the norm, facilitation of online meetings and workshops has become even more crucial.

I help you create effective online events, teach your staff the necessary techniques and design what works for your environment. 

Certified training

I am a certified trainer in several environments. I give in-house or remote trainings. 

  • Management 3.0
  • Lean Change Management
  • ICP-CAT: IC-Agile Coaching Agile Transitions
  • ICP-AHR: Agility in HR
  • Facilitation for successful meetings
  • Masterclass: create your own gamified facilitation techniques

“Her ability to understand a challenge and communicate with intention and ultimately unpacking a problem and solving it together is remarkable.”

Kevin Rosengren
Agile Product Management Leader | Design Thinker

“She is able to switch between being a trainer and facilitator in a workshop. Depending on the needs of the group at that moment.”

Ralph van Roosmalen
Agile and Organization Coach | CEO

“She is a marvelous instructor and a highly skilled designer and facilitator. During a large client engagement Annelies changed the design of a session in real time to better align the purpose of the session to the goals of the client.”

Luke Hohmann
Founder and CEO at Tilliden, Inc.

Great lead and facilitation on the LEGO serious play workshop. Skilled on bringing us with LEGO visualization to actions.

Pascal Gerrits
Senior Director Business HR / CHRO
Food & Healthcare Division at GEA Group

"You are very knowledgeable and able to find the perfect balance between making everyone speak up and guiding us in the right direction. This definitely reflected on the safe space that we were able to create today and finish on a high note."

Gabriela Pontes Breder


Who am I?

As Service Manager, I noticed how communication between parties is crucial. Trying to find better ways to deal with this, the different flavours of Lean and Agile quickly came into view. Since 2014 I am  devoted to helping organisations adapt towards a more flexible way of working. I help teams to work towards better results and facilitate change management. I share time-proven techniques for the situation at hand and help people gain insights on how to optimize their energy. 

 I help managers and teams through facilitation of meetings and brainstorms, knowledge sharing. I try to ask the right questions and offer multiple options when looking for solutions. I’m experienced in getting people with different backgrounds to effectively work together, helping them to find how they can improve as a collective and achieve the common goals. 

I help managers to grow teams with a good level of self-organisation, creating new dynamics over the different levels of an organisation, in close collaboration with the HR department.

I am fluently trilingual, love facilitation, moderating, training, high profile customer contacts, issue management, change management, scrum, lean & kanban.


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