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Lean Change Management

October 10, 9:00 am —
October 11, 5:00 pm CEST
Brussels, Belgium
First Come, First Served
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Annelies De Meyere
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Looking for a way to transform your change initiatives? Curious about how you can integrate agile, lean startup and design thinking practices into your change management practices? Then our 2-day foundational course is the course for you!

Learning Objectives

Combining the best ideas from agile, lean startup and design thinking, we help you create an approach to change management tailored to your organization and specific change initiatives. During this 16 hour experience we guide you from buzzwords to a personalized approach.

Learning Outcomes

  • Can we integrate agile and change management? And how?
  • Are agile practices suitable for complex change programs? And how do we integrate them?
  • How can we increase confidence while navigating change?
  • How can we anticipate aversion to change? Can we change the way we think about changing?

Who it's for

  • Change agents looking for inspiration and hands-on approach that works
  • Agile coaches seeking innovative organizational change practices
  • Change managers in pursuit of agile change management practices

Why attend?

  • Broaden your global network with passionate change agents
  • Use our community to the max, by getting access to extra goodies and perks
  • Gather experience with hands-on solutions to real-world problems, all in a safe environment

What to expect

  • No to boring online meetings and sharing slides over Zoom! Yes to an interactive experience!
  • No to silent training classes! Yes to participating in hands-on workshops!

Course Details and Topics

Tools & Practices we'll explore

Course Modules:

  • What is Lean Change Management: Get familiar with the fundamentals of the LCM Engine
  • Agile and Change Management: Explore a values and principles approach to change
  • Alignment: Tools & ideas to approach change as an organic & evolving given, not a project with a deadline
  • Experiments: Hands-on experiments based on real world problems
  • Measurements: The difference between diagnostics (leading indicators) and measurements (lagging indicators)
  • People: Boost your team with confidence instead of tackling resistance to change.

2-day agenda

Agenda delivery will vary based on whether the course is being delivered in-person or remotely.

Day 1:

  • what is lean change management?
  • Integrating agile and change management
  • creating alignment for change

Day 2:

  • creating change canvases
  • crafting change experiments with measurements and diagnostics
  • understanding response to change

What you get:

  • A digital copy of Lean Change Management
  • Member access to leanchange.org with micro-courses and tools
  • Digital Explorer Badge
  • Connections with the global communities of Leanchange.org and Boosyourscrum.com
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